Working Session: Write Better More Profitable Copy Faster

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Imagine Your Whole Marketing Team Doubling Their Performance In 90-Days Or Less

Your team with up to 7 participants, or an intense session with key decision-makers to help you write better and more profitable copy faster. May include direct reports, contractors, or clients. Stop stalking your desk or getting stuck with first drafts.

Test more copy while generating leads, priming the pump for sales, and cross-selling customers into more solutions. Perfect for businesses who want more deals through in-house or agency teams. Ideal for copywriting agencies who wish to fast start copywriters.

The Key Ideas And Concepts That Write Better, More Profitable Copy Faster For Any Serious Marketing Team

Get this five-part working session that focuses on producing compelling copy that sells. If you want to create a backlog of client assignments AND deliver them, engage yourself in this half-day working session. Topics include:

  • One-Hundred Headline Formulas and How to Use Them To Boost Conversion Rates Tenfold,
  • Social Media Classified Ads Formulas (#J0705A)
  • Proven Sales Letter Formulas That Magnetically Attract Customers As Easy As Paint By Numbers,
  • Successful Editing and Collaboration With Groups and Stakeholders Without Ending Up With Word Salad (#L1117A)

The goal is to build a specific methodology for your business to implement core ideas profitably. You get an outside perspective, core methodology, tools for implementation, and practical use.

How Working Sessions Work For You

What you get is bespoke training and implementation support for your team. This includes procedures, policies, and guidelines necessary to produce consistent work beyond this engagement.

Depending on your team's experience and knowledge level, your working session starts with a topical overview, then a specific application. It ends with the completion of an exercise applying particular lessons. Assignments are turned in at the end of the session or shortly after that for feedback.

Following your working session, you will gain access to three topic-specific deep dives you can use for your team to reinforce learning. These include a Q&A period and supplemental materials. All calls are recorded; you get a physical copy for reference.

  1. You will complete a brief assessment on the phone or in writing.
  2. Provide an attendee list, each with a brief elevator pitch for individuals.
  3. The working session is committed to the schedule, and the countdown starts.
  4. Before the working session, you'll receive supplemental materials in advance.
  5. Log in to the video conference call day of the session as a group or as individuals.
  6. Short breaks between modules, but the overall session is intense and fast-paced.
  7. Start assignment to be completed within 1-7 days to reinforce learning.
  8. Post-event materials are mailed to your office or provided digitally.
  9. Use consultation coupons for specific support after a working session.

These sessions are about creating and keeping profitable customers. They are not glad-handing sessions, networking, or discovery calls. You will get actionable work done, fundamental skills developed, and have to follow on support for maximum return on investment.

NOTE: Ask about white-label option is available, more participants, and custom branded materials for your organization. Working sessions are available in full-day and two-day formats. A significant upcharge for on-site presentations, but this is the kind of thing that pays for itself with dividends.